See You Later Friends

June 13, 2010

See You Later Friends

Many thanks to all our chatters
And to mods all dressed in blue,
I had to write and say these words
I am filled with love for you!

The things I’ve learned were many
The troubles were really few,
Sleepless nights, and trolls to fight
Always something to do!

There were games inside the banner
Strange animals came each night,
The typos made us laugh and cry
I giggled with delight!

The owls brought us together
The chatters made us stay.
So many talented people
That truly made my day!

We got to meet some famous guys
Eric, Chris, and John,
How personable they really are
We all feel such a bond.

My thanks goes to The Royals
With Austin and his buds,
We hope your lives are happy
And blessings come in floods.

The hearts and hugs and thank-you’s
Are almost more than I can stand.
I am sad and happy and humbled,
To be a part of something so grand.

We knew this day was coming
We knew it from the start,
That doesn’t make it easier
Because soon we all must part.

The owls have grown and flourished
The cams will soon be gone.
The RV is all set to go
We’ll wave as life goes on,

So as I write these words to you
My eyes are filled with tears,
I will never ever forget you
Thank you ALL, my dears!

Shari_In_Memphis 6/13/2010

70 Responses to “See You Later Friends”

  1. DianaJoe Says:

    Shari!!!!! No words. It is as if you dug into me and pulled out what I could not put into words. Thank You so much. I really hope we can all be together on someother adventure. I will never forget all the “chatters” and the joy Molly and McGee has brought me. The Royals were so approachable and normal,that is a rarity in this day of the internet.

  2. linaz Says:

    Oh, Shari, you beautiful person. THank you. I think the owls have left their footprints on the souls of all who were blessed to watch their miracle of birth and growth and life. Carlos and Donna have given us all a beautiful, wonderful four months of joy and fellowship. Thank you MODs. THank you dear chat people. This was fun, and I’m so glad I was a part of it.
    Your friend,

  3. Shari…and thank you for putting it all so nicely in words. We all had such a special time, sharing our love for the owls and nature, laughing and crying, praying for those who needed hugz.

    We are all so fortunate to have met the Royal family. No matter what they do, where they go, who they meet, they must leave such lasting, loving impressions on the lives they cross. God Bless you Carlos, Donna, Austin in your travels through life.

    mimolly hopes to meet you again some time……

  4. Peggy Jones Says:

    I almost never comment but I had to let you know what a beautiful job you have done to put into words my feelings about this wonderful experience. I feel like I am best friends with everyone in this room…I have laughed and cried but mainly I have been able to put aside the problems of the world that we have no control over…politics, oil spills etc…How refreshing it has been….Yea! and thank you so much….
    Peggy from Alabama

  5. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    That was incredible. What a wonderful tribute to such a life changing event. I must say, I have been surprised at the impact this whole experience has made on me. It has far surpassed the joy that I never knew I would have to watch this owl family. A million thank yous go to Carlos and Donna for giving this to the world. Thank you Shari for putting in to words. God Bless.

  6. Jeanne Says:

    Well Said!

  7. Jerri Weed Says:

    Thank You Shari for what I believe Everyone is feeling. I have Never been on the Chat Rooms but have read them and got All of my Information there so Thank You!

    Carlos and Donna, no words really can express the Wonderful Experience I have Enjoyed for the last 4 months…. Sorry I had to wipe my tears. You All are such Remarkable People and I do hope Donna your wish comes true for your Birds next year!

    I won’t or can’t say Good-Bye but I will Say “Gee Wasn’t that Fun and I was Part Of It”!

    We Will Miss You and Max, Pattison, Austin and Cute Wesley! Fly Free and Be Safe! Oh, no more tears!

    Jerri Weed in Phoenix,AZ

  8. Pat in the high rockies of Colorado Says:

    As one of the many “lurkers” who never registered or entered into the chats, I’d like to thank the mods for helping to keep the chat room free of nastiness and trolls. I’ve been on so many chats that are not fun at all but the Molly Box Chat was fun and informative. It was fun to learn the various personalities and outlooks on life…so even though I’m was not a “live” participant it was most fun to visit every day and check-in on everyone. The whole experience was a treasure….”Gee, Wasn’t that Fun and I was a Part of it!” Thanks to all!

  9. Torre Says:

    What beautiful words!

  10. Torri Cable Says:

    You captured it completely Shari- kudos to you.
    Would love show my appreciation for you lovely poem with an invitation to visit Sea World if you get to San Diego at any time. Please let me know if you’re down my way.
    ps-isn’t it funny that comment #6 is from a Torre? LOL

  11. WOW!!!!! Shari In Memphis just beautiful. I’m speechless. I’ll share this quote again, seems appropriate here.
    “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever…” John Keats

    League City, TX

  12. Diana Ruiz Says:

    Shari, What a wonderful, heartfelt tribute to all of us and especially to the Royal family. It says what all of us are feeling in our hearts. Thank you for the blessing of your words.

  13. Rhonda Says:

    As usual, Shari you come up with the right words. I believe you say what all of us who’ve followed from the laying of the first egg can’t and impress upon those who came late, what we’ve all shared. We have been blessed by Carlos, Donna, and Austin’s work….. Thanks Shari for the perfect wordage.

  14. DZRTJUL Says:

    So very sweet!!

  15. Lisa Says:

    Just wonderful and so perfectly stated. Thank you all!

    – Lisa Durgin

  16. Mary Jozwiak Says:

    Awww! Thanks for sharing the sweet poem Shari! My feelings exactly!

  17. Becky Says:

    Very well written! You summed it up beautifully! Thank you for sharing!

  18. CJ Says:

    What a beautiful poem.Thank you for sharing

  19. Lynne Townsend Says:

    Shari–thank you for the poem. It is a wonderful tribute to the Royals, and all connected with the Owl Box. This truly has been an awesome experience, and a life changing one at that. Thanks again for all you’ve done.

  20. Debbie Lynch Says:

    Shari, Yet another gift from someone who has shared this wonderful experience with us all. It is beautiful and so true. Thank you for sharing your poem.

  21. Lois Fusco Says:

    Hi Shari, You’re blessed! What an awesome poem. That’s what we’re all feeling. What a great 4 months for the world.. “To care about the world around”. Hugs

  22. Rie Frisa Says:

    Love, love, love your creativity. I felt every word you wrote.

  23. Thanks so much for the kind poem,I like to thank my Sis for telling me about Molly & Mcgee.May you all be heathly, love and most all be wise owls….

  24. Joy Says:

    Beautiful thoughts!
    Thank you for sharing them.

  25. Chililfinger Says:

    Shari, how eloquent and to-the-point that was. Beautiful words that perfectly sum up what most of us are going through right now.
    I don’t have poem, but there is a quote by Henry Beston, (a naturalist who helped inspire many of today’s leading ecoligists) that seems especially appropriate for victims if MOD. I’ve been wanting to post this but could never find the right place or time. Anyway, here it is:
    The third paragraph (‘we need another and a wiser…’) hits home for me. You can read it and if you think others might like it, then post it, i’ll trust your wisdom. Mike in Milan, TN.

  26. Eve Meacham Says:

    Dear Shari,

    Another touching, wonderful poem, that expresses it all in one wonderful song. You have summarized the Molly family in most touching way. Thank you for sharing this with all of us and me personally.

    You are a jewel by yourself but you are more than that when it comes to your heart, sensitivity and just transpiring it all in the lyrics of hopefully another song!

    Thank you so much
    Ev e- Emarts01

  27. Suzi Austin Says:

    Dear Shari,

    My eyes are filled with tears too…Thank you for sharing this beautiful & touching poem with us. It really emotes my feelings as well. You are a gifted soul and I am lucky to have experienced this with all of you. Although I may not have been active in the chatroom as some of you were, I feel kindred you. And long after this event has passed, I will always remember you, Molly & McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wesley & Dudley, Carlos & Donna, and the crazy, funny & beautiful people in Chat & Social Stream. What a memory!!

    God Bless!

    Missy_Mollyville (Suzie)

  28. LaMese Hurrell Says:


    You expressed what we all feel. Thank you and may God bless YOU!

    It has been such a remarkable few months. Who knew when they 1st logged on what the owl box would do for so many?

    I figured I’d “check it out”, and I am still here.

    May we all continue to spread the love and kindness expressed here, with those we meet.

  29. glenda and art (radgumb0) Says:

    Just beautiful Shari…We’ve watched everyday since feb but rarely actually chatted. The MODS and the chatters have made this a very special event! You couldn’t have expressed it any better~! Where’s the kleenex? lol We’ll miss you~!

  30. Sandi in Seattle Says:

    Beautifully written… speaks for thousands of us across the world!

  31. Renee Says:

    Lovely while it lasted!

  32. Tish Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  33. Ann Loftin Says:

    Funny how we are all so sad. I hope Carlos changes his mind and comes back again. Great job of expressing how we feel, Shari!

  34. Pat Dudman Says:

    Wish I had your way with words – excellent

  35. Mrs Whiggins Says:

    Thank-you for the wonderful poem.

  36. Mrs Whiggins Says:

    Thank you!

  37. pursja Says:

    I have loved following Molly, McGee, & the 4 owlets (I guess now owls!) since they were only eggs. I tuned in nightly to watch & find myself talking to others encouraging them to watch the site. It has been such a pleasure, thank you so much Carlos & Donna (& all the moderators & others involved in this huge project as it all developed).

  38. Ellen Doucette a/k/a Ellen516 Says:

    Oh Shari, thank you for a beautiful poem. Thank you for your time, your talent and your typos.

    Love your guts.

  39. Jeri aka owlbseeinu Says:

    Perfect words for a perfect ending! Thank you Shari!

  40. cat perry Says:

    how beautiful, Shari. You put into words what we hold in our hearts, Thank You.
    Hugs from catsmommy/catperry

  41. This is a slightly different mix, but here’s a fun thank you video, Carlos. You and Donna have entertained us so much, this is just a token of appreciation.

  42. MollyGroupy Says:


  43. MollyGroupy Says:

    Let me say that again! “Well-said!”

  44. Loonz1 Says:

    What a wonderful poem – it says it all just perfectly.

  45. Homeschoolnc Says:

    Well said.

  46. Janeen Nickell Says:

    That is a beautiful poem. Thanks to all for the opportunity to be part if Molly’s world.

  47. Janeen Nickell Says:

    Thanks to all in involved in making it possible to be part of Molly’s world.

  48. Owlcoholic4life Says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous. I have tears flowing again as I read your beautiful heartfelt words. You speak for all of us for the truly amazing experience they Royals gifted us with. Our memories will last a lifetime. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  49. Lisa Moore Says:


  50. Carolyn Waedlich Says:

    Thank you Shari. You captured our emotions.

  51. Selena K Says:


  52. chana meddin Says:

    Dear Shari,

    Just when we thought our tears had finally dried up we discovered new ones reading your beautiful poem.
    We hope you do not mind that we have published it on today’s Farewell, MODS and MOLLY blog post at with gratitude to all who have touched the deeepest place in our hearts with love and laughter night after night. Shari, thank you for putting our feelings into such eloquent, touching language!

  53. StanaShortMcLeod Says:

    Shari, Beautiful Poem expressing the feeling of many!!! Thank you!

  54. joyroyal Says:

    Shari – I love poetry and you seem to have a real snack for it. I love your words and the emotions they bring to my heart. While our time has been short – I will miss asking a question and having you or one of the other Mods answering right away.

    Thanks for the wonderful poem!!

  55. mary fairbanks Says:

    Thank-you for the wonderful poem, you summed it up, with beauty and grace.

  56. Mary Leo aka ChinaDoll Says:

    Beautiful Shari with beautiful sentiment…Thank you for all you did to help make the OB such a fun, safe, and warm place to be. Hugs…

  57. Shari…I was doing pretty well today until I read your poem…it is beautiful and the beauty of you words and wisdom made me cry again. That’s okay…it’s all for a great cause! In my heart I know that Carlos will bring the owl box up again..but just in case he doesn’t, I’ll just come back here and ready your poem again! Thanks so much for putting down your thoughts like this.

  58. Sandy Beckham Says:

    Being a novice writer myself, I don’t think I could have said it any better! Beautifully said. I lurked too long;waited too long to chat;feelings are the same as everyone else.

  59. Barb Says:

    This is so lovely. It speaks for us all. Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

  60. Joy in LA Says:

    Shari, I loved this poem the first time I read it and love it more this morning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  61. Dot O Says:

    Shari – so beautiful! I too will miss visiting with all of my new friends. Hugs to you and to everyone else I have “met” because of Carlos, Donna, M&M!!

  62. This has been a very fun time sharing this with all the new friends. Carlos and Donna thank you for being so unselfish for sharing your live and time with us. The owls were a blessing to watch and im sorry for any who missed it. I laughed and cried and sat on the edge of my seat. It was the best!!!!!!!!

  63. Karen Says:

    Thanks for an awesome experience, the kids and I have really enjoyed learning about owls. We will all miss watching the owls during the day.

  64. billcolo Says:

    Your words describe our experience beautifully. Thank you

  65. char barton Says:

    Shari, this is soo beautiful. Thank you so much for your beautifly poem. You speak for many of us. Thanks again, char

  66. Donna Smith Says:

    This whole experience has been so wonderful. I don’t comment very often but read it all. After reading this lovely poem that expresses what we all feel,I have to say Thank You to Shari, Carlos, Donna and all of the other great people.

  67. clickinmyheels Says:

    Great job, Shari!

  68. flukestail Says:

    What a lovely tribute! Can’t get through reading it without a few tears. I echo your sentiments.
    Am so glad I can say I was a part of it all.

  69. deborahjo Says:

    What a lovely poem Shari… thank you for writing it and for sharing it. This whole experience shall always be a precious treasure near and dear to my heart. Much love to all….

  70. Cheryl Says:

    Beautiful poem, Shari. Brought tears to my eyes..once again. It was hard to see Carlos and Donna say goodbye, but I wish them the best and hope to see them again in the future :) Thank you so much for the poem and for being a special MOD :)

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