Last Owl Standing

June 8, 2010

4D5Q8859 Can We All Fit

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4D5Q8860 All Three

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4D5Q8865 Oh Hi

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4D5Q8864 Stretch

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4D5Q8866 Dont Look Down

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4D5Q8871 Ill Be Waiting

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19 Responses to “Last Owl Standing”

  1. FinnWV Says:

    Beautiful pictures! We are so lucky to be able to see these in full color! And they aren’t just pictures of any owls. These are pictures of Molly’s Family! We all feel like we know them because we’ve watched them for months on our computer screens. This is such a joy to see. Thanks again Carlos and Donna for this experience.

  2. leslie Says:

    I wonder what keeps one behind when the others have left.

  3. Rhonda Says:

    How precious this entire time has been. How much knowledge has been taught to school children all over this world and how we should all look at the precious resources such as the Barn Owl. How gracious you and Donna have been to share your home, life, and laughter with all of us who have been here. Words can never say Thank You enough.

  4. Darlene Salisbury Says:

    The pictures that Carlos and Donna post for Molly the owl and her owlettes are absolutely fabulous. They get better and better.The whole experience has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you Carlos for giving us this experience. I shall never forget.

  5. Lisa0825 Says:

    leslie, it’s just age. the one still in the box is the youngest and is still maturing. He/she’s right on schedule.

  6. So cute, little Wesley on the Kestral box. We want her to stay, and want her to grow up and leave the owl box. As usual, Carlos, you pictures are wonderful and tell a great story.

  7. Sandy Berman Says:

    Dear Donna & Carlos, thank you so much for the entertainment, education and the enjoyment. These have been our first owl pets. I appreciate your work,dedication and patience with the owls and the humans. It will ne bittersweet when Wesley leaves, and a fitting end to a lovely story. I hope you will email updates oe new owl families. Thanks again, Sandy in Del Mar

  8. Mary W Says:

    “Oh, Hi!” is another winner that deserves inclusion in your photo product line, in my opinion. Unforgettable!!

  9. Lois Hostnick Says:

    Donna & Carlos, Thank you ever so much for sharing your beautiful owls with us. They look so healthy & happy. I’ve spend many a night keeping an eye on them. Thank goodness I am retired because I could have never worked & watched them at night. This is ending at a good time for me. Now it is time for me to help the Florida Wild Mammals Assoc. with the birds from the Gulf. Please keep us in your prayers. Have a blessed year and I hope you will beable to do this next year. You have touched many peoples lives and have educated us.

  10. Bill G. Says:

    These photo’s are breath taking and this event has been the thrill of a lifetime. I will never forget you and your wife….. Thank you both so much for sharing this with all of us.

  11. It’s been wonderful! Thank you!

  12. Annette Light Says:

    These pictures are GREAT. They are beautiful birds! This has been SO much fun to watch these birds give birth till they fledged. THANK YOU Carlos and Donna!!!

  13. Nancy Layton Says:

    These photos have been absolutely beautiful and the only way we could see the owletts at night in color. Thank you Carlos for taking these pictures for us.

  14. Toni Koontz Says:

    Can’t quite believe that this adventure is over for us. Have a good restful vacation. Thanks again for leting all of us be a part of your circle of family and friends. Do hope we will all be able to see Molly again.

  15. Cindy Kay Rhye Says:

    Thank you for everything… that is all I can say!

  16. Judith Barahal Says:

    These photographs are absolutely amazing. You could create a wonderful coffee table book with them.

  17. Rita Says:

    This has been my MOST interesting internet experience ever. Thank you Carlos, Donna, and the rest of you. The world is a better place for our Molly-Owl adventure. The world is also much more informed regarding those quirkey little characters aka barn owls. . What did I know about barn owls before Molly and McGee. Just that they were owls….amen.

  18. Laura Shrader Says:

    This is just like having photos of my own children. I can point at each one and that one would be my favorite. Not a bad one in the group.

  19. Julie Woodcock (Sawwhet) Says:

    Carlos if you feel it appropriate and fitting, I would love for this to be enclosed in Molly’s e-book or the hard cover when it comes out.

    All I Need to Know I Learned in the Owl Box
    by Julie Woodcock (Sawwhet)
    Dedicated to Carlos and Donna Royal, Molly, McGee, Max, Pattison, Austin, Wesley and all the MODs

    -Cuddling is good.
    -Get plenty of sleep every day.
    -Warm food is good for you.
    -If you don’t get the first treat…persevere… keep hissing.
    -Eat with fervor and enthusiasm.
    -Preen the neck near you…they may preen you back.
    -Weave and bob with someone you love.
    -Don’t poke with your talons.
    -If you’re bored, find a “Bolty”.
    -A clean box is an oxymoron.
    -A good stomp on the floor now and then helps.
    -“Peek” through doorways.
    -Give heartfelt greetings to those you love.
    -It’s good to hork the excess.
    -A mohawk is just puberty.
    -If you believe in something, don’t be afraid to go out on a perch.
    -Spread your wings and fly.

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