Austin Moves Out

June 8, 2010

4D5Q8815 Austin Kestrel Box

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8833 Lets Go

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8841 Ill Stay Here

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8826 On Guard
Click image for larger view
4D5Q8820 Austin Pose

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8819 Austin Kestrel Box

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8795Watching for Molly
Click image for larger view

12 Responses to “Austin Moves Out”

  1. patty Says:

    I love the last photo of this series!

  2. Joan Says:

    It has been awfully sweet to warch Austin stay around to keep Wesley comlany.. what a good brother,, thanks again Carlos for all of the joy..Joan

  3. Sharon Palac Says:

    So beautiful, magical, and mystifying…these lovely owls will stay with me forever…thanks so much again for sharing with us!

  4. Patsy Says:

    What Beautiful Photos !
    Thank you Carlos , for sharing

  5. Jannae DeSiena Says:

    This photo is fantastic! It’s so great how the three of them are all looking up in the same direction…must be Molly or McGee their fixing their eyes on…

    How fun is all of this…thanks, Carlos & Donna!

  6. Sally King Says:

    FANTASTIC and AMAZING photos Carlos,
    I have soooo…enjoyed the experience of sharing a wake up to the early morning sights and sounds of San Marcos,California,and
    having a Molly Mug of Cafe Mocca.
    But to see the colorful action at night is an extra bonus thanks to these beautiful photos.
    We have all had the most incredible opportunity to observe Molly and McGee’s growing family thanks to you and especially Donna who started the whole thing off.
    LONG LIFE and HAPPINESS to these very precious wild creatures.
    Sally in Melbourne Australia

  7. FinnWV Says:

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures! It has been such a wonderful experience with the Owl Box that really can’t be put into words! These pictures and the others taken by Carlos Royal tell this story in all of its awesome and glorious splendor. I will never forget this experience! Thank you Carlos, Donna and Austin and all of those who have supported you these last four months!

  8. Susan Says:

    That picture of the 3 of them leaves me stunned! All of your photos are great and what a wonderful experience this has been. Thank you so much.

  9. DsnyLnkd Says:

    Thank you, Carlos! They have such beautiful wings. Love the pic of the three of them looking in the same direction. I think it’s Pattison in the middle. Definitely Wes in third picture. Profile of belly bulge in it is so cute. Thanks for all of the pictures. I look foward to them every day!!
    Notre Dame, Indiana

  10. Pi Says:

    Love the last photo. Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … Mom!!

  11. Mary W Says:

    Oh, I DO hope you add “Watching for Molly” (8795) to your photographic product offerings! It’s priceless!

  12. Sue Bauer Says:

    “Looking into the future.” So many wonderful things have been said. I “ditto” all of them. Thanks Carlos and Donna for the fantastic journey.

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