McGee The Provider

June 5, 2010

4D5Q8736 McGee Wing Span

Bringing in a treat

4D5Q8737 McGee The Provider

McGee with a rat

4D5Q8747 McGee The Hunter

McGee after the delivery

4D5Q8731How is this pose

How is this pose?

Molly or is it Max?

8 Responses to “McGee The Provider”

  1. Jerri Weed Says:

    That’s Beautiful Molly by the Shape of Face and No Fluff around legs! Not to say Max isn’t Beautiful but you can tell the difference if you look real close.

  2. Joyce in OK Says:

    How sweet it is.

  3. Sabrina Newman Says:

    I agree. Definitely Molly girl. Her face is a bit more brown than Maxine’s. I just love seeing Molly. I miss seeing her.
    Thank you for the pictures Carlos. It’s so great to see everyone thriving and doing so well.



  4. sfsueny Says:

    Definitely Molly…length of wings belong to an adult owl.

  5. Great photos Carlos! I’m thinking Molly too, only because the thickness of the legs. Seems the owlets have thinner legs….but I could be wrong. Doesn’t happen often though…haha
    Liz from Texas

  6. Madora Says:

    I have to say Max. There is not a separation of feathers on her face.

    Isn’t Max now considered an adult owl?

  7. Jeri Says:

    awww love her

  8. Leta Says:

    I love your pictures, Carlos. You and Donna have brought such joy. I have not commented before, just been watching these many months. Kudos to the Royal family including the Grandson!

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