Moving Out

June 2, 2010

IMG_0397 Owlet In Palm Tree

Can you see the owlet?

IMG_0406 Hiding Owlet

Hidden deep within the palm

IMG_0403 I See You

I see you (second owlet)

IMG_0401 Owlet In Plam Tree

New home away from home

IMG_0405 You Can't See Me

You can't see me

IMG_2740 Carlos Palm Tree

New home right nextdoor

IMG_0409 Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym

IMG_2731 Bunny Rabbit

Daring Rabbit

23 Responses to “Moving Out”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Awwww….they moved out to a new home! What type of bird is sitting on the box?

  2. Mary W Says:

    Could the second owlet be our Pattison?

  3. Torre Says:

    And why owls are so hard to find in the wild…!! How cute!

  4. Owlcoholic4life Says:


    Thank you so very much. These are awesome and totally priceless. What a delight to see our babies in their new life. WOW!!! Words fail me and that doesn’t happen often. These are the most precious pictures I have see yet. Mr. Carlos, you Rock our world big time. So many thanks to you and Donna and Austin for all the many hours you have spent to bring us this once in a lifetime experience. Yes, there are other owl boxes, however the Molly Royal box has given us so much more than any other Ustream feed has to offer.

    Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this experience. You have definitely changed my life for the better and I truly hope that we will meet again in the future.

    Love and thanks to you and Donna,


  5. Joan Says:

    More great pictures.. thank you.. Joan

  6. Jerri Weed Says:

    One word needed, “Precious”. Thank You Carlos and your neighbor!

    Jerri in Phoenix

  7. carleent Says:

    I just love these pictures!! I think I probably say that every time I comment on this blog! So awesome!! Thanks for posting these! Just love them!

  8. So neat to see the owls in the palm tree. Lots fresher than the box LOL. I can see why they like it in those palms. Hooo is the birdy on the box roof? And I cannot believe that not long for this world bunny sitting under the box. Tonight’s dinner has arrived early.

    Thanks Carlos, I know how much fun you are having with your camera gear! I’m jealous.

  9. Oh Carlos! So glad to see the owlets in their palm tree!!!! Such great photos!!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  10. Sunny Says:

    These are incredible, thanks Carlos

  11. Jen Says:

    I truly enjoy all your pics. They are awesome! It is so great you found them in the tree. :) And the last bunny pic makes me LOL.

  12. Cindy R Says:

    Bunny says, “hey, am I early for dinner? I was invited by Wes.”

  13. Lynne McW Says:

    Great pictures, Carlos! Always relieves a parent’s mind to see where the kids are living after they leave home. Glad to see they’re still in a good neighborhood. lol

  14. Jill in Ohio Says:

    Wow, thank you so much for these photos. This has been such a wonderful experience to watch God’s creation and handiwork!

  15. Judi Z Says:

    Dear Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you sooo much for posting the pics of our babies in their new world! It’s reassuring to see them fitting in so beautifully. They’re having the adventure of their lives! What precious babies – and a dear owl family.
    Thank you for all of your hard work here. You and Donna and your family are wonderful people. Thank you for wanting to share all of this with all of us. This has been such an awesome experience for me. I’ve loved watching Molly & McGhee’s babies grow into handsome adults. Thank you so much.
    Bless you.
    Love and hugs!

  16. Michelle Says:

    Ditto to what Owlco4 wrote. I couldn’t have said it any better. :)

    Many blessings to you and your wife.

  17. Superdadu Says:

    These pictures are great! So wonderful to see them in the wild now. The “Jungle Gym” shows you worked hard to provide a nature-like tree-situation for the owlets; they sure seemed to love it. This is a good view of the whole set up and will work to help those who want to put up an owl box to design their own type of tree-situation.

    Thanks again!

  18. Barb Says:

    Carlos….Thank you so much for this special experience you invited us to share. I’ve enjoyed it every day and night since the eggs hatched. btw is that a dead bunny hopping. Bunnies are so cute but alas..they are just owl food. Again…thank you.

  19. Janis Russell Says:

    Thanks SOOO much for sharing these. Its reassuring and wonderful to see them in their new home. Didn’t realize how attached I was getting to them…….
    Janis in Iowa City

  20. Kungfukitten Says:

    Thank you for showing us the owls in the palm tree. I too, feel better knowing that they’re close to Austin and Wes. I think the bird on the box is a blue jay.

  21. Nancy Williaford Says:

    Thankyou so much Carlos for taking these great pictures of their new home in the palm tree. I feel so much better knowing where they have moved.
    Sincerely, Nancy from Dallas, Texas

  22. Sharon Potenza Says:

    How lovely to see the owl box and the famous palm tree in the daylight! Thanks a zillion.

    This has been a grand experience and it continues….

    One of your fans,

    Sharon P.

  23. D.S. Langguth Says:

    Once again thank-you for the wonderful photos I received in my e-mail today (6/08). The one with the 3 together on a birdhouse while looking up & away is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. Carlos be sure to keep my e-mail and let me know when you publish a book of these spectacular images. These days it is a very special treat to open my e-mail. I also wanted to say thank-you for giving us a glimpse of them in the palm tree. :)

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