Plenty of Action

May 27, 2010

4D5Q8448 3 Owls

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8454 Fluffy Wes

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8446 First Out

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8447 On The Perch

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8457 Sequence

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8465 Rabbit Treat

Click image for larger view

4D5Q8460 Owl Kiss

Click image for larger view

14 Responses to “Plenty of Action”

  1. Stacy Hurt Says:

    Wow; you can really see Wes’ age; his talons are so much shorter than the older birds. Good thing to see him out!

  2. Stacy Hurt Says:

    Your camera is fantastic! In the rabbit shot on the perch you can even see the tiny feathers that line the top of the flight feather giving them the ‘silent’ flight they are so noted for! Just amazing!

  3. Lori Siverling Says:

    The WA judge gives the FirstOut2 a perfect ’10’ (in the Social Stream, we score our beloved owls… and anxiously await Wes becoming agile!)

    Your images are so valued, Carlos and Donna; thank you over and over for this epic you have shared with all of us! We viewers have even become spoiled by your quality of video angles, still images, sound, color, and by your dedication to these wondrous animals! They (and thus, you) have become the ‘darlings’ of thousands… perhaps millions. Daunting, for certain!

    Gratefully submitted

  4. Jeri Says:

    My heart is bursting with gratitude for this tremendous exerience you have afforded the owl lovers of the world.

  5. Vera Daley Says:

    Thank you Carlos and Donna for the opportunity to see nature at it’s best. This is better than seeing my own kids grow up, this is just amazing!!

  6. Jannae DeSiena Says:

    My husband and I will always remember these cherished photos and the nightly educational experience you have shared with us and the rest of the world. Carlos, hopefully you will publish the photos for all of us to enjoy in a coffee-table type book. Obviously, no text is necessary to see the story unfold.

    Thank you both so very much!

    Jannae and Ralph DeSiena

  7. Cathy Says:

    Awww…sweetie…Wesley…he’s such the fuzz ball!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful pics! Stunning!!!

  8. Pat Harris Says:

    Hi Carlos and Donna,
    Let me join in in thanking you for the experience of a lifetime. My question is will you be selling copies of your photographs? I am a painter and would love to do a painting of the owlettes if possible for myself, not for sale. This has been an amazing adventure and we are forever greatful for this opportunity. Thanks again.

  9. Jerri Weed Says:

    The 4th Photo looks just like Molly! I really LOVE the 1st Photo. You are so Good Carlos. Wished I lived a bit closer to go to the Celebration on the 29th but will be there in Spirit!

  10. Tina Says:

    My friends and I alllll second the notion of a coffee table book!!! I have the owl box open on my computer screen all day – we dread the day when there are no owlets to look at, no birds chirping in the background, no fresh blog pics to eagerly check out every morning. A book would be something to hold onto, a fabulous memory lane.


  11. Selena K Says:

    Thank you to the entire Royal family for letting us share this experience. An unselfish act that has brought the world of birds and human closer.
    The idea of a coffee table book is fantastic! And the owl poems that everyone has posted are fabulous as well. The poems should be published too.

    many thanks to all!

  12. Beautiful shots Carlos. This has been so much fun, and educational to boot!

  13. Marie Batten Says:

    these are all centerfold worthy!

  14. I’ve been watching since March 17th while out of school for Spring Break.
    Instead of nightly TV time, Hubby & I would set the laptop on the coffee table (TV off) to watch Molly and the eggs (and McGee’s nightly food and “bonding” visits), just waiting for the eggs to hatch. I was lucky enough to see Max and Patti hatch and then Wesley (missed Austin) and have followed everyday since occasionally chatting in the “over flow” chat room.

    I feel like a proud momma watching her babies grow up and move out and I can only imagine how you, Carlos and Donna must feel. Bittersweet probably sums it up best.

    Thank you both for sharing so much of yourselves and your babies with us.
    The photos are AMAZING!!

    Decatur, Alabama

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