Austin is Out

May 21, 2010

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16 Responses to “Austin is Out”

  1. Bentley J. Says:

    Beautiful! Austin jumped in with alost no “testing the waters” — it looks like he’s enjoying it. I believe they do enjoy the flight; how could you not? I just wish we could follow them as they learn to hunt make homes. Nature is remarkable, and that remarkability makes me love these four little creatures even more.

  2. Jeanie Says:

    Unbelievable pictures. Carlos and Donna should be with National Geographic.

  3. Peggy Duncan Says:

    I can’t put into words how much I enjoy the pictures. One of the first things I do every morning is check on the owlets and check for your pictures.
    Thank you for bringing soooo much joy to all of us.

    I am truly grateful to you for all you have done.!!

  4. carleent Says:

    These pictures just make me smile!! :)

  5. Julie Says:

    Its gotta be so much fun for Carlos and Donna to watch the owlets learning to fly. Love the photos they post, thank you!

  6. mhasty Says:

    talk about jumping in with both feet…..i think that is the best thing ive seen since i started watching the owls.

  7. Susan Belloff Says:

    Me,too! And I was thinking that all of the posts, platforms, etc. that Carlos constructed have proven to be great landing sites for the owlets.

  8. Lori Siverling Says:

    Seeing Austin come out so ferociously and show off was a real pleasure to witness!
    Again, a heartfelt thank you to Carlos and Donna! You’ve given a wonderful gift to so many!

  9. Carrie Mc. Says:

    What a pleasure last night was to see Austin’s first leeeaaaaap into the wild. He definitely takes the cake when it comes to first moments out of the box. Now we will wait to see what Wesley has up his sleeve. Lovely pictures.

  10. Joan Says:

    More fabulous pictures.. they just keep getting better and better

  11. billcolo Says:

    The photos on this blog are fantastic. We have enjoyed these wonderful creatures so much. thank you Carlos and Donna

  12. Mary Leo aka ChinaDoll Says:

    I especially love the picture of Patti and Max just after Austin leapt into space. (at least that’s who I think they are.) It looks like they’re saying “Do you believe he just did that?” Carlos, your photography work is fabulous! Thank you for sharing the photos with us. I smile every time I look at the daily postings.

  13. John B Says:

    I love that “4D5Q8182 Landing” shot! And the horizontal-leg approach shot is cool too.
    It looked to me like Austin jumped directly from the doorway to the platform instead of gingerly stepping out to the perch like the other 2 did. I missed getting a screen shot of it though.

  14. Cathy Says:

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Just beautiful!!!!!!! Too precious!

  15. Ellis Says:

    Fabulous pictures. They always make me smile.

  16. Pied Type Says:

    The second photo, “Landing,” may be my favorite of all your owl shots. In that unique shot, you captured all the intensity, concentration, and determination of a young owl learning the basics of flying and landing. Your shots of cute owls, sitting owls, posing owls, and beautiful wings-spread owls are wonderful, but for my money, this one is THE shot.

    P.S. Please put some copyright notices all over these pages and photos. These are at least as valuable as what’s on the Ustream site.

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