Come Out, Come Out

May 18, 2010

4D5Q7945 Stepping Out

4D5Q7958 McGee On Top

Click image for larger view

4D5Q7966 I live you

Click image for larger view

4D5Q7970 Wings Up

Click image for larger view

4D5Q7980 Come and Get It

Click image for larger view

4D5Q7981 The Gathering

Click image for larger view

4D5Q7982 i'll Take It

Click image for large view

11 Responses to “Come Out, Come Out”

  1. Dixie Says:

    These are so awesome!

  2. Robin Says:

    Hey, it’s getting crowded out there on the perch! What terrific shots. Thank you.

  3. chana meddin Says:

    Carlos, your pics are priceless! Thanks for another spectacular night on FledgeWatch!

  4. Tina Says:

    Why do these pics make me all teary-eyed? Every time. I wish so many good things for these guys… they’re like my kids… I wanna wrap them in bubble wrap and keep ’em safe. Alas.

    Carlos/Donna, you’ve heard it a lot now, but you two are fantastic for doing this. If you’ve gotten even a few people to appreciate nature and wild animals, what an accomplishment. Given the hit count, I’ve a feeling it’s more than a few. :)

  5. Joan Says:

    Carlos.. you are providing the world with an experience that is irreplaceable.. thank you for all of your hard work and for being so generous with your time.. Joan

  6. Torre Says:

    I second Joan – wonderfully said!!

  7. Jannae DeSiena Says:

    Carlos ~

    Those are fantastic photos. The owlet kissing the other owlet at the door is so sweet and shows how they are closely bonded. Thanks for sharing all the photos, video, narrations, and interviews! It has been a lot of fun!

  8. Debbie Everets Says:

    Carlos, my students and I have learned so much about Barn owls from this experience – thank you for all the time and money that you and Donna have devoted to the Owl Box! Both of you have made a big difference in the world, bringing together so many people for a peaceful learning experience.
    Thanks again.

  9. Judy Says:

    Carlos & Donna…..
    I agree with the previous posts about the sharing of the experience, your work, time, and pictures.
    I hope you can publish these beautiful pictures in the future, so there is a way for the owl lovers of Molly, McGee & family, to purchase copies.

  10. Nancy Says:

    Oh Carlos! Such a wonder! Thank you so much for your time and your selfless nature!

  11. Susan Mustion Says:

    Carlos, what an amazing journey you have allowed us to take. Thank you so much.

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