Sculpture in Wallnut by Carlos Royal

April 28, 2010

First Rocking Chair

Click image for larger view

7 Responses to “Sculpture in Wallnut by Carlos Royal”

  1. Shelley DePalmer Says:

    Wow, this is beautiful! I looked at the pictures and drawings on your web site, you have been given many gifts. Thanks for sharing your many talents and Molly with all us owl nuts.
    Shelley DePalmer
    username: Clyste

  2. Lynn Thomas Says:

    It is beautiful. It looks like it was carved out of one piece of wood.

  3. Rose Ann Says:

    Incredible workmanship!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Susan Belloff Says:

    Please explain the story of this chair. I am very curious to know more about it and the clock as well.

  5. Pied Type Says:

    Carlos, this is a truly gorgeous piece of craftsmanship. I’m one of those folks who will buy a beautiful piece of wood just to be able to stroke it. To have it in a form as useful as this would just be incredible.

  6. Judi Zimmermann Says:

    These are truly works of art. Does Donna use the knitting chair?

  7. Merla Long Says:

    You and Donna will forever be in the hearts of many for going the route and expense for this project. The chair is magnificent and will live longer than either of you, I am certain
    Molly box has helped me be entertained through a cold Winter.
    Thanks ever so much.

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