McGee Night

April 28, 2010

McGee Feeding Owlets

Click on image for larger view

King of The Owl Box
Two photos were used to make this photo.
McGee Takeoff

click image for larger view

Bank and Turn

Clck image for larger view

4 Responses to “McGee Night”

  1. Amy S Says:

    The picture of McGee and the full moon is the absolute best picture I have seen!!! Great shot!

  2. Susan Belloff Says:

    The full moon pictures literally took my breath away. I realize you used 2 pictures to create them but they were still impressive. I love all the photos you have taken of Molly, McGee and owlets. PLEASE try to publish them. I would love a set.

  3. Pied Type Says:

    I particularly like the bottom photo with the full wingspread. I had a nice Canon about 25 years ago, and my greatest joy was stop-action nature shots with a long lens. Seeing your photos and the results achievable now with digital cameras … I’m getting dangerously tempted.

  4. LisaW Says:

    What breathtaking pictures! How on earth did you get these shots (like what camera settings)? Do you have some high powered flash and if so, what does Molly & McGee think of the flash? Thanks for sharing this owl family with us!

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