Molly and McGee With Food

April 23, 2010

McGee brings food home

Click image for larger view

Molly Brings Food
Click on Image for Larger View
Molly With Food

Click on image for larger view

Molly Leaving after Food Delivery

Click on image for larger view

5 Responses to “Molly and McGee With Food”

  1. JL Gawlik Says:

    Again, Carlos beautiful detailed pictures, i wonder who left the wee package on the porch? See is gone this morning…

    Thank you again for sharing all that you do.

  2. Lynn Terhune Says:

    Please build a perch for the babies to hop to! I can see from these photos that the tree is too far away. They need something only a few feet away,sturdy, and level with the door. We don’t want them to fall and break a leg or wing. I hope you read Stacy’s blog and take her advice. We all love the babies and don’t want any tragedies! There’s not much time left before they fledge. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

  3. Pat Harrison Says:

    such wonderful pics. thnx!! Oh, that the world could be as peaceful as the owl enclave in San Marcos!

  4. marcia banach Says:

    i look forward to seeing these pictures evey day and want to thank you as well for posting them for all of us molly lovers to see.

  5. karen hodshon Says:

    I really enjoy these pictures. just thought I’d let you know. they are wonderful

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