Outside the Box

April 18, 2010

20 Responses to “Outside the Box”

  1. Pam Mercer Says:

    Great Picture thanks for sharing them with us.. And Thanks for letting us watch and experience this.. Your Family is Awesome for doing this.. Thanks

  2. Rena Hadas Says:

    Phenomenal pictures. Love this one, it tells the whole story, the owlets in the door waiting. Is there any way to get a copy of any of these pictures?

  3. JoAnn Lawrence Says:

    These pics are absolutely awesome, hope the babies don’t slip and fall out the door or off the porch…..

  4. Britt Mari Says:

    This is a SO greate shot, all in one, the feeder and chicks, WOW!! The sharpnes in the foto,just Grand!!

  5. Jeri Downs Says:

    Your pictures are wonderful. I think this whole endeavor is wonderful. Thank you, Carlos, for being so kind and generous and sharing with the world the wonderful life going on in your backyard. It’s amazing.

    Jeri Downs
    Crestview, FL

  6. lajollaseal Says:

    I knew you got some great shots last night but these are truly spectacular! well done carlos!!!

  7. Chris Johnson Says:

    Awesome photos Thank you

  8. Susan Says:

    Wow!! I’m a lurker on the MOD FB site and check in a few times each day (and evening). These are fabulous Carlos, Amazing! The owlets look like albino bat-kittens in that last shot.

    Thank you, thank you for your generosity in sharing this experience with us, and your kind regard for nature.

    Warmly, Susan
    Huntsville, Alabama

  9. Carolyn Roberts Says:

    What great pictures, Carlos! Thanks for all you have done to bring this gift of nature to our door steps.

  10. John B Says:

    Nice shots here! Great timing too! Hey, for that camera in the top of the box check out the “EasyCAP” USB “dongle” video capture device–makes an NATSC/PAL video device look like a USB camera to the computer.

  11. Melanie B Saliba Says:

    Amazing photos!! Thank you so much for making these available. This is my first view of Molly and McGee outside the box. I could never get the Owl Box 2 to update.

  12. Leah Henrichs Says:

    Carlos! Those pics are awesome!!!! Molly and McGee are soooooo beautiful!!!! I just love those skinny legs hanging as McGee flys away!!! Thanks so much for sharing this experience with us! You and Donna are awesome people!!!

  13. BJ Says:

    Thanks theses are wonderful pictures..

  14. Victoria Says:

    Great shots, Carlos…thanks for sharing Molly with all of us :)

  15. Rosie Says:

    Hi Carlos,
    I’m not involved in the chats but have been watching & following for close to 4 weeks now. This is great. The shots are great! Thank you so much for this experience!

  16. DZRTJUL Says:

    Awesome shots!! Great job Carlos. I can’t wait to see the next batch. I am sure that there will be many more beautiful ones to come. Thanks!

  17. Mary Beth Says:

    These pics are beautiful…nature even in natural survival to eat..is beautiful..so pure and clean..the human race could learn so much…but unfortunately the beauty is unseen, and humans destroy…
    Give back the way of life..natures way…pure of these owls………

  18. Susan Belloff Says:

    Thank you so much for taking and posting these fantastic pictures. They are every bit as good as those taken by professional photographers. I love them all and have printed several. They will make a nice remembrance of the time when a pair of barn owls and their owlets gave so many of us something to enjoy and to take our minds off all the negativity that so often surrounds us. Carlos and Donna, you must be two of the most giving people in the world. Thank you again!
    From the North Country of New York.

  19. Carlos, this latest set is wonderful. I like the prospective of the box, you can better see your set up. The Owlets waiting at the door is priceless and Molly & McGee are beautiful. How fortunate that this clutch is maturing so well and healthy.

    Thanks for sharing from Hudson Ohio

  20. Cindy Fear Says:

    Carlos and Donna,
    Thank you so much for this gift! I can’t believe how fantastic these photos are! You have captured nature in action for us. Love love love these.

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