Molly’s Story

April 13, 2010

Molly’s Story

By James Aaron “Buddy” Roberts III

Have you ever seen a true love story,

With a love that knows no bounds.

Four young ones shows in all her glory,

As daddy makes his rounds.


We watch and wonder what is next,

As all of time will show.

The many gifts that nature has,

As all the babies grow.


 We all can show a sense of pride,

With this historical event.

We show our joy it cannot hide,

Yet the losses we lament.


Two of six without a hole,

Or so much a peep.

As the missing lay in rest,

In eternal sleep.


But wait remember four survived,

Amidst their very hatching.

Four of six who have thrived,

Still kicking and a scratching.


We still have time to watch them rise,

Until they start to fledge.

We’ll probably start to squint our eyes,

The day they leave the ledge.


So never forget Molly’s story,

A story filled with love.

Taking place in an owl box,

‘Bout fifteen feet above.



5 Responses to “Molly’s Story”

  1. mella Says:

    I just want to thank you so much for my friends and family who I have shared your site with! We are all in awe of this miracle and are so grateful for your sharing it!

    Recently I was cat sitting in Hawaii and my charge Haku came running in to the house from his cat door. Oh no he had a red bird in his mouth, wait another red bird flew in behind him???? Oh yes I got Haku out of the house, tried to save the captured bird (it is possible I have done it before). The poor bird was gone but it’s mate who was trying to protect it was in the rafters. He I’m assuming here, was safely led from the rafters in the house.

    I had no idea that birds would do such an act not caring for their own safety, and try to protect for love of one another. Did you?

    Thanks so much once again for Molly’s story, we cherish this cam!

  2. Vicki Denham Says:

    This has been a wounderful expierance amazeing,I learned alot. Want to thank Carlos,Donna and Austin for your time and enjoyment. Jeart felt thanks to all of you.
    Vicki (Valoyce, Pine Valley, CA

  3. FinnWV Says:

    What a nice poem! So very true – a story filled with love! We will never forget Molly’s story. Thank you Buddy!


  4. Vicki Denham Says:

    Hello Donna Wounderfull sun set picture perfect I like reading the updates four eggs this always bring a smile to my face thanks Donna and Carlos
    its been a real pleasure
    vicki denham

  5. Vicki Denham Says:

    just printed out my business cards I work for a skilled nursing facility may pass them out there.
    Just to let you know my husband ran across a tiny badge which has the name Molly on it when i came home from work it was stting on my lap top. He knows I have that disease called MOD lol thanks Carlos and Donna for letting us see another round with Molly and Mcgee. Thanks Valoyce

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