Molly Cartoons

March 26, 2010

Here are the first three cartoons in a series by “VacaDude” (thanks, Dude!)

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Used with permission.

8 Responses to “Molly Cartoons”

  1. Melanie Ice Says:

    These cartoons are so cute and I look forward to a new one after each hatch! What a wonderful talent you have! Thanks for sharing themm with all the Molly-owl-watchers.

  2. JEAN Says:

    hahaha….like them all…….way cool!

  3. Dphilthy Says:

    Love the ‘toons but they need to be repositioned so we get the whole cartoons.
    Max’s thought ballon is cut off in #2

  4. joly27 Says:

    Luv the cartoons. Would like to see the whole cartoon, can’t read the 2nd one, right side is cut off.

  5. Kimberly Says:

    I love the first one that is the best. like to see more… :)

  6. Shari In Memphis Says:

    LOVE the cartoons, VacaDude! You are so talented! Can’t wait for the next! And the next! And the… *grin*

  7. Bill Wallner (PowayMojo) Says:

    So; here is the theme for a new panel.

    Picture of Molly and McGee standing looking at an outlet mall.

    McGee: “Owlet? I thought you want an Outlet.”

  8. Mia Says:

    Thanks, V-Dude; very cute. This entire experience has been so great. Special thanks to Donna and Carlos for sharing this adventure with all of us!

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