Today is Molly Day!

March 25, 2010

Today, the Mayor of the City of San Marcos declared it Molly and McGee day in recognition of Molly introducing over two million people to the city of San Marcos!

The Royals are planning to collaborate with the city of San Marcos to establish new owl and bird habitat in the city’s parks.

If you’d like to learn more about San Marcos, feel free to check out the city’s website , and the chamber of commerce website, too.

Here’s a photo of the plaque that the Royals were given:

Here is the wording from the Mayor’s official proclamation:


WHEREAS, Molly, a female barn owl and her mate, McGee, have become the world’s most famous barn owls, and has put San Marcos, California, on the world map; and

WHEREAS, San Marcos residents Carlos and Donna Royal erected an owl box on a 15-foot high pole with a tiny camera attached in hopes of enticing a feathered family to their backyard; and

WHEREAS, after Molly moved into her new home, she laid six eggs, and two owlets have hatched thus far, and the Royals named the first owlet “Max” after Carlos’ friend, and the second “Pattison” after a Milford, Ohio, elementary school whose fifth-grade class was the first to invite him to chat with them; and

WHEREAS, millions of viewers from all around the world have logged onto the website to watch Molly, via a live broadcast, sit on her eggs and feed her owlets from “meals” brought to her each night by faithful and attentive McGee.

WHEREAS, Molly and her family have provided learning opportunities for not only the Royals but teachers and their students as well, and have entertained and touched many people from all around the globe.

NOW THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that we, the City Council of the City of San Marcos, California, do hereby proclaim March 25, 2010, as

“MOLLY and McGEE DAY in the City of San Marcos, California”

9 Responses to “Today is Molly Day!”

  1. Melanie Ice Says:

    Way to go Carlos and Donna! That is an awesome award that the Mayor has bestowed on Molly and McGee. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  2. Diane Kirkland Says:

    Oh those were fun days…

  3. Linda Greene Says:

    setting aside March 25th to remember all the fun times and friends that were made. Thank-you Carlos and Donna <3

  4. Helen Erickson Says:

    Wow! How exciting! Those were the good ole days!

  5. Fairygram Says:

    ….and I was part of it; changed m’life!

  6. Those were the days my friend……..thank you Carlos and Donna for the pleasant memories.

  7. pat Says:

    Thank you Royals for a great learning adventure.

  8. Talilan Says:

    I have really fond memories of watching the little owlets and Molly and McGee while chatting with all the wonderful people in the chatroom on usteam. I think I owe my absolute love and adoration for birds and owls completely to this.

  9. Becky Klotz Says:

    Cannot believe it’s been 5 years…..what a wonderful spring that way….Thank you Carlos and Donna….I have a respect and love for birds now that I didn’t have before.

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