Molly Obsessive Disorder

March 25, 2010

Are your family members and friend reacting strangely to you since your discovery of Molly the barn owl and her brood?

There’s no known cure for Molly Obsessive Disorder, but at least you’re not alone,

Here’s an invitation to tell us about the symptoms you’re experiencing!

18 Responses to “Molly Obsessive Disorder”

  1. Tobey Llop Says:

    A friend wrote us about your web cam, yesterday? anyway, we’re fans. (In East Amherst, New York.) My wife is home all day because of post surgery recovery; watching is a treat. I saw an owl on our backyard fence once at about twilight. He/She appeared silently, quite startled me, looked in the dim like a big cat, but then flew very quickly and silently. I’d never seen one before nor since, but it’s great to know they’re around.

  2. PhotoNut_Idaho Says:

    If you roll over in the middle of the night, grab your phone, and fire up your Ustream app just so you can hear Molly and her owlets while you sleep, you just might have MOD. (True!)

    • jaxflowlfan Says:

      If your adult daughter posts on facebook that you love Molly more than you love her, you might have MOD.

  3. lisa sinclair Says:

    If your thinking about eating your chocolate easterbunny whole then you might have mod

  4. Angela J. Shelton (AJS919) Says:

    If you give your loved one the chocolate easter bunny with the head removed first, you might be suffering from MOD!!

  5. Sprite1973 Says:

    When you make a post on Facebook and you wait 60 seconds before you do anything else because you think you are still stuck in “slow mode,”
    …you may have “M.O.D.”

  6. dingovt Says:

    You may have MOD, if you are now eating dinner at 2am, so you can eat with Molly and the kids!

  7. icanhaz Says:

    Your cats don’t even blink anymore when McGee announces his arrival.

  8. Tony Weir Says:

    If you have resorted to sneaking teabags from the office next door because you can’t bear to leave and go buy some … may be suffering from MOD !

  9. lisa sinclair Says:

    here is a picture my daughter did of molly wasnt sure where to post it

    • Melanie Ice Says:

      This is a great picture of Molly! Your daughter is very artistic and drew such a beautiful picture of Molly. How old is she and is she planning on drawing any of the owlets??

      P.S. I think you should also post the link at the beginning of the site where they have the children’s activities, coloring page and owl pellet dissection.

      Melanie Ice

  10. icanhaz Says:

    If a window pops up from your toolbar that says “New Updates are Available” and your first thought is that the last egg must have hatched, you might have MOD.

  11. Ris Says:

    You DO have MOD when you sit all day(and night) waiting to capture that perfect snapshot!

  12. Yaya Says:

    Soon as I get up in the AM. Whenever I have a free minute during the day. Right before I go to bed. Have to check in our little momma and the babies.

  13. Cheryl Says:

    You may have MOD if you upgrade your computer memory so you can work and watch Molly and family at the same time!

  14. Christine Davis Says:

    When you wonder what an appropriate wine to have with live rodent would be. . . you might have MOD. . .

    When your friends calmly and gently explain to you that they are pretty sure that you aren’t talking to “real” owls on the internet at night, (when you forgot to check that “don’t publish to facebook box” when you logged in. . . ) You realize that your posts look absolutely nuts to an outsider who doesn’t understand OWL puns and acronyms. . . you might have MOD . . .

  15. zesty Says:

    You might have MOD if…1)The first and last thing you do everyday is check on the owl family 2)you can’t go to sleep unless you hear screeching 3)you keep thinking of new haikus/horkus to compose 4)you keep seeing barn owl references everywhere 5)your dog starts hanging out in the office where the laptop is in order to spend time with you

  16. PegRod Says:

    Symptoms of M.O.D. (compiled by chatter and moderator “Nightfeather”, published by Carlos Royal and Chris “Rocketman” Adams) – We are so lucky to have more gathered from Molly fans – Available as 1 of 12 free pdf downloads on the Official Molly the Owl Merchandise on Cafe Press site.
    Direct free pdf download link:

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