Owlet feeding schedule

March 20, 2010

Help us learn more about barn owls

With tens of thousands of people watching Molly, McGee and their owlets, there’s a great opportunity to capture data about barn owls.

If you see Molly feed the owlets, just comment below:

  1. Post the time (in Pacific Daylight Time)
  2. Anything related to the feeding

Or, if McGee visits and brings food, please leave a comment with:

  1. The time (in Pacific Daylight Time)
  2. What he brought
  3. Any related behaviors

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Thanks for your help!

23 Responses to “Owlet feeding schedule”

  1. Shireen Says:

    Feeding (large mammal, rabbit?)
    Started approx 11:25 pst, till about 2:45p.
    Both chicks were fed.
    Intermittent clucking from Molly.
    Max is dominant feeder, but Pattison was also fed.
    Max has rasping cry.
    Pattison makes occasional softer chirping

    Later in feeding, Molly seemed to be urging Pattison to eat by clucking; during that time, Max was quiet.

    Molly pulled out a big digestive tract organ, grey color, and tossed it aside. Later, she picked it up again but i could not see if she ate it or tossed it again.

  2. Shireen Says:

    Some catch-up data that was posted by mods.
    2:47 __Jessica__: McGee’s Visits: 7:36 pm (bonding, no food), 8:03 pm (big rabbit) 8:13 pm (pocket gopher), 11.54 (rodent) 3.24 am (rodent)

    2:47 GleanerGirl: McGees schedule: 7:58 pm (bonding, no food), 8:03 pm (big rabbit)8:13 pm (pocket gopher), 11.54 pm (rodent), 3:24 am (rodent)

    2:47 GleanerGirl: Molly’s FlyAbouts: 7:59 pm, 1:11 am, 5:13-5:15 am

    2:47 GleanerGirl: Other than that, Molly has been napping and feeding and napping and preening and napping.

    • jenniferhofmann Says:

      Thanks, Shireen!

      Do you happen to know what dates those check-ins pertained to? If so, I can edit your post.

  3. Shireen Says:

    Hi Jenny_wren,
    those catch-up posts were captured this afternoon.

    So I’m assuming the MaGee visits and schedule, and Molly’s flyabouts were overnight times (Mar23-24, in Pacific Standard time)

    The napping comment from GleanerGirl were for this morning.

    Too bad more people havent posted observations … :(

  4. Shireen Says:

    —- feeding part 1—–
    Feeding 4:50pm – 5:05 pm PST
    (I don’t know how many additional feedings there were between this entry and my previous one. Had to work, so i turned off cam)
    Grabbed prey, started clucking
    Max was up front, but Pattinson crawled over from behind towards the prey. Pattison got a few bits but Max did most of the eating. Molly seemed to be feeding him bits of fur, and Max had some stuck on his beak. Not sure if the fur-feeding was deliberate or not. Is she trying to train his digestive system to start handling it?

    At the end of the feeding period, Molly swalled a big piece of bone, either leg ending in a paw or backbone ending in a rabbit tail. hard to tell.

    —- feeding part 2 —–
    5:14 to 5:20 PST
    Molly started clucking, dug into the carcass again. Intermittent clucking during this feeding period, as if offering Max some meat. But Max was not showing much interest, no movement or vocalizations. She clucks a bit while holding food in the beak, and when Max does not respond she eats it. Pattison makes occasional high-pitched chirping but does not seem to be moving.

    After main feeding, she seems to be picking up unidentified items around her. For a moment, Max looked like he was imitating her, but she bent down and seemed to clean him.

    Briefly cleaning chicks, around 5:25PST.

    After meal, Molly seems to be active, visually following insects around in her box. Usually she turns around (away from the pantry) and goes to sleep or rest. Got up to stretch 5:29, then settled down to rest, still alert.

  5. icanhaz Says:

    McGee visits at 11:13 PM with small rodent and lots of lovin’.

  6. James Rego Says:

    8:23 p.m. PDT 3/23/10 McGee arrived with a Mouse (?) after which there was a brief courtship and Molly flew off with McGee for about 3 minutes.

  7. Shireen Says:

    mar24 2009, all times PST

    Intermittent calling to MaGee around 7:28-7:45pm, then silence.
    First visit with Mouse 8:20.
    MaGee arrived again about 9:05 (confirm time with mods), no catch.

    first feeding since switch to nightcam started at 10:19 PST, on the mouse MaGee brought over earlier. (Had to leave office, so i did not note end time)

  8. Shireen Says:

    Mar25, Thursday. All times PST

    Feeding 6:55am, calling kids. Didn’t notice stop time, but when i checked at 7:10, she had stopped. Both chicks were chirping (raspy call)

    Mods posted this for Mar24-Mar25:
    LoneStarStateTX: McGee’s Wed.Evening Visits: 8:22 (mouse), 9:15 pm (bonding), 11:10 pm(rodent), 1:28 am (rodent)– Molly’s Wed.Evening FlyAbouts: 7:49 pm, 8:26 pm, 10:39 pm, 2:21 …

  9. Shireen Says:

    Earlier note from mods was incomplete.

    Mar24-25, times in PST
    DetteSophie: McGee’s Wed.Evening Visits: 8:22 (mouse), 9:15 pm (bonding), 11:10 pm(rodent), 1:28 am (rodent?nothing?)– Molly’s Wed.Evening FlyAbouts: 7:49 pm, 8:26 pm, 10:39pm, 2:21 am, 5.27 am

  10. Shireen Says:

    Feeding 9:08 – 9:30am PST

    There was a rodent carcass in the right back corner of box (not in pantry on the front left of box). She was sitting down, facing the right back corner.

    She grabbed it and started tearing into it. Both chicks screeching and tweeting, actively feeding from her beak. Molly makes occasional soft clucking noises to encourage them to eat.

    When I checked at 9:25, chicks were occasionally calling out (screech), but not actively feeding, even tho’ she kept clucking at them.

    9:28 Molly consumed entire leftover rodent, was picking around at nesting in front of her — getting fallen pieces of meat or cleaning up the area? Stretched her legs and settled down facing the left of the box.

  11. Shireen Says:

    Useful comments from moderator this morning, March 25th, 2010.

    9:16 DetteSophie: Update: Molly and owlets are doing great! Max is getting fluffier and Pattison is not yet holding up his head. No confirmed pippings for Egg 4.

    9:20 LoneStarStateTX: That Max gets right up there for his food! He will peck at meat even between the bites Molly gives him!!

    DetteSophie Info: neat barn owl factoid – they have 3-D hearing due to their ears being set at different heights and their satellite-dish shaped face; so they can pinpoint a sound without even seeing

    12:28 photonut_idaho: Yesterday we witnessed Molly swallowing a very long, in tact, rabbit leg (upper half clean bone, lower half furry rabbit foot) She stood up and just swallowed it like a sword swallower!

  12. Shireen Says:

    Feeding, 11:23 – 11:35 am PST
    She started clucking, chicks responded. She had 1/2 rodent. Max did most of the eating. Molly tried to feed Pattison, but got little response — he was in the back under her, didn’t see him, tho she did make an effort to lean in to reach him. (He’s probably OK, maybe still digesting earlier meal (?)).

  13. Shireen Says:

    Molly has been scratching the wooden floor of the box today, around 1:25pm PST, for a couple of minutes.

  14. Shireen Says:

    1:40 pm PST
    Moving beak across Max, as it she’s cleaning him. Not seen that behavior with Pattison., who seems to be quiet. Abt. 3 minutes.

  15. Shireen Says:

    more persistent digging into floor around 1:55 pm PST.
    Quite active today.

  16. Shireen Says:

    Hatching Drama, mar25. 2010

    First suspicions of 3rd hatch reported bt Dette, 7.50 am. No confirmation yet, but she says Molly is behaving the same way when Pattison hatched, ie, turned away from the door. but no sign of eggshell-eating yet. Later, Carlos (at about 3:20pm) made similar observations: prior to hatching, she would scratch at floor and make the depression larger to accommodate more chicks.

    More comments from March 25, morning:

    Note from photonut abt behavior:
    9:00 photonut_idaho: Whim, Molly scratches at the floor a lot. Acts like she’s hidding something with her wing (shielding wing). Tucks her head under giving her attention to “something” below her.

    9:00 ncmtns: Whimbrel, before Patti she did a lot of banging her beak on the floor. She turned in this position – maybe just slightly more to the left. And she had been very active.

    9:01 photonut_idaho: Her feathers on her back also raise. I really studied the video of her the day Max hatched. She did all of these things when Pattison hatched too.

    … she did a lot of fussing with the nest, as Carlos described above all day, and sure enough:

    6:18 DetteSophie: xxx BREAKING NEWS: BORN Number# 3 .11 PM March 25 Molly time xxx

    Chick’s name is Austin, after Carlos’ grandson who helped set up the cameras.

  17. Shireen Says:

    sorry, that “6:18” above should be “3:18” … i’m on eastern standard time, forgot to change the time stamp.

  18. Shireen Says:

    Molly started feeding artound 4:29pm PST on leftover rodent. She’s clucking at them, and two older chicks are screeching so i assume they’re eating. Can’t see what’s going on, she’s facing the right back corner. Was working so i didn’t note duration.

    She’s making clucking noises and handling the rodent again at 5:15pm. I have to leave so i won’t be able to time duration of feeding.

  19. bobdmac Says:

    Molly got up and stood at the door for several minutes, starting at about 11:40pm tonight, as if she was on alert for something

  20. Jeff Hartman Says:

    Around 10:25 pm CST (8:25 PST) Molly got up and went to the door and we heard McGee before seeing him come in. He brought most of a juvenile rabbit. He “sat” on Molly for 20 or thirty seconds which was odd to see, and there was a lot of noise, probably from the wings brushing the microphones. He took off again quickly. Molly pulled the rabbit apart slowly and held bits above the owlets beak. The owlet ate several scraps and then Molly went back to brooding on it.

    This is our first time watching Molly and it was very exciting to see! I’m a little confused because I only saw one owlet and I’ve read that there should be three. Some sort of update would be great!

  21. Beth in DC Says:

    When I tuned in (around 6:05A PT) Molly was feeding the owlets. This lasted for around ~10 minutes or so. I just found the blog; it’s 6:24 and Molly and the owlets are now sleeping soundly!

  22. sdsurfchick Says:

    What a fabulous blog, and service to the Molly community. Thank you so much!

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